No cold calls. No manual scheduling. No software downloads. 

Just sit back and let the appointments roll in.

Ready to Try the "Client Magnet"?

Hi, I'm Mike

(Copywriter, SEO Specialist and Brand Strategist) 

Besides puppies, there is no magic formula or "quick fix" to maximize leads or up-sell customers. What I can offer you is almost as good:  

a tested marketing strategy, reliably executed, with results backed by specific, actionable data. If you're looking for website traffic, ads, emails or blog content, I can help you grow. So let's make a plan. 

Michael A. Stenger

What I Do

I help small businesses get leads and up-sell products with keywords and quality content.

We can start anywhere you like...


How I Do It

1. I research your audience and business niche. 

2. I do a full sweep of your website and content.

3. I fill the gaps with SEO and creative value.

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